Friday, June 26, 2020

Podcast Episode 33: How I Fixed my Knee

I don’t know a ton about different herbal remedies but I had this product recommended to me.

Growing up I played a lot of soccer. A little during high school but mostly after I started having sharp pains in my knees. One knee would hurt pretty bad so I would wear a brace on that one and then the other one would start to hurt so I would switch.

In addition to the sharp pain while playing, they would also ache quite often making it hard to sleep sometimes.

I had this product recommended to me because it is able to help your body to reproduce cells faster, including your bones and other deep issues.

I was a little dubious but I started putting it on whenever my knees hurt. They seemed to have a small pain relief effect in the short term but I started to notice that I was using it less and less as my knees stopped aching. I also stopped wearing the knee brace while playing. In the last year I have probably only used it once.

My boss uses for cracked hands

My mother-in-law uses it for cracking feet

Also good for small cuts and bruises

Don’t use for deep cuts

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