Monday, June 22, 2020

Podcast Episode 31: Junk Food for the Brain

I was listening to a podcast and the host asked the guy, “Why are people so addicted to the news?”. The guy responded quickly and almost dismissively, “It’s junk food! It’s just junk food for the brain. Anything shocking or anything like that, it’s junk food.” They moved on to a new subject but for whatever reason his quote stuck with me.

What is easier to sell, cookies or vegetables?

What will have people coming back again and again because they crave it?

I feel like over time the news has just gone more and more towards the “junk food” and less and less towards healthy foods.

So to take this analogy further:

Junk food:

Quick high - shocking news gives you a jolt

Bad for you short term and long term - in the short term it makes you anxious and emotional, in the long term it makes you cynical, depressed, numb.

Healthy food:

Not as exciting up front - almost boring sometimes

Leaves you feeling good - learning something new

Gives you more energy - Leaves you feeling positive about the world

Allows your body to heal.

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