Monday, February 24, 2020

Podcast Episode 10: To Act or To Be Acted Upon

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Statistical analysis can predict with scary accuracy what people in general as well as individually will do

What does this mean?

We are predictable

We react according to our circumstances

We are swayed by propaganda and marketing

We should make our own decisions and not just go with the flow

This doesn't mean that we never do what we are predicted to do, we just make sure that it is our choice, that we are the ones controlling our destiny.

When we passively let things happen to us as opposed to actively deciding what we will do, we give up that control and let whoever designed the system run our lives

Pay attention to the mechanisms of control in your life.

Who is trying to influence you and what is their motivation?

It's probably better to by default be resistant to anything that is trying to influence you to counterbalance their tactics.

It doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing, many people are trying to help.

But regardless, we should try to learn and then make our own informed decision, even if that decision is to trust someone

We can't know everything and make every decision so we need to create our own methods to help us make our own choices.

Find people you trust that can make / help you make the decision.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social network feeds, make sure you are curating what you actually want to be seeing.

Find people or systems that's goals align with your own as much as possible. Are they just trying to sell something, that doesn't mean that they can't give good advice but it means that they might have a conflict of interest.

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