Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Automation - How big of a problem will it be and what to do about it

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People are worried that automation means that we will lose so many jobs that we will have to create a UBI just so that people won’t starve.
We should stop automation because people won’t have anything to do
What will likely happen is automation will keep taking people’s jobs just like it always has
Automation is just using a natural process to get something done without human time being spent.
By natural I don’t necessarily mean “nature” but the natural laws of the universe.
If we build a computer that can solve a problem that means that we have used natural laws to create a process that gives us the desired outcome without spending human time. We created the process and now it just works, over and over without additional cost.
People will need to be adaptable as the job market changes
Value = how much time someone takes to do it * how much expertise (expertise is just another way to say time because it takes time to get the expertise)
Automation can decrease these two variables which means it will make things cheaper
Anything we pay for is to get another human to do something for us. Robots don’t need to be paid.
If robots really did everything then everything would be free and we wouldn’t need jobs anyway.
So this means there is nothing to worry about?
No, many people will probably lose their jobs as the jobs become obsolete.
We need to make sure that our skills are flexible so that if our jobs become obsolete we will have other options.
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