Monday, July 27, 2020

Podcast Episode 46: Time Management

Capture Tasks (Stay Focused)
When you are already doing something and you see something else that needs to be done, write it down wherever you need to so you can remember it later.
Unless it is more urgent or important than what you are doing now
Or it won’t throw you off track
Prioritize Tasks
What is Urgent?
Things that will cause major consequences if they are not done on time
What is most important
What do you enjoy
Plan Tasks
Try to eliminate as many urgent tasks as you can (Focus Funnel Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden)
Eliminate - Ignore
Automate - Invest
Delegate - Delegate
Permanence of deadline 
Rock - Cannot be changed, you do it at this time or not at all
Wood - Date is set but you could potentially change it
Clay - Better if scheduled but can be moved easily
Water - No scheduling needed, can be done any time
Focus on the most important urgent item and get it done then move on to the next
Take small breaks as desired (pomodoro)
When All your urgent tasks are done, work on the things that are most important and that you most enjoy.

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