Monday, March 2, 2020

Podcast Episode 13: How to Change Your Mind (and flat earth theory)

We all have opinions on how we think the world works
What are the chances that you are right with all of them?
Your chances will actually increase if you are actively changing your mind to be more correct over time.
Ask yourself, what would it take to change your mind
This opens you up to the possibility of being wrong
This doesn’t mean the you should change your mind all the time
Sometimes you are right, you just need to give equal weight to your opinion as to others’ opinions.
Just because you hear something new doesn’t always mean you need to change your mind right away
There are reasons people (or you) believed the things that they do. Take that into account
Sometimes the reason is ignorance. In this case when you learn something new it can change your mind
Most of the time there is a counter argument, find out what the counter argument is and the counter argument to that argument.
Most issues have been debated back and forth enough times that there are good arguments and counter arguments for each issue
Usually it comes back to where your worldview originates and what is most important to you.
Flat Earth Theory
What would it take? There would need to be a convincing set of arguments to explain the natural phenomena we experience.

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