Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Multitasking. Can it really help you be more productive? (Video)

You can’t really multitask
We switch between the different tasks quickly
Switching takes time and brain power and therefore is less efficient
You can do one thing well or two things poorly
Do one thing then the next
No switching, no wasted time

If tasks take different parts of the brain (physical, mental, visual, audial)

Physical - motor skills
Mental - thinking
Visual - eyes
Audial - ears

You cannot overlap on these or you will not be able to do them both effectively
Music (audial) and computer work (physical, mental, visual)
Audiobooks or podcasts (audial, mental) while working around the house (physical, visual)

Some things only take half of your brain power so you can actually do two mental things at the same time if both of them take less than half of your brain power

Watching a show (visual, mental, audial) while playing mindless puzzle (physical, mental)

Any questions for me? What are things that are holding you back from being as productive as possible.

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